2007 Meeting Minutes

  • October 16, 2007 Regular Board Meeting - Minutes

    Snohomish County Fire District 1

    Board of Commissioners

    Minutes of Regular Board Meeting

    October 16, 2007




    Commissioner Larry Hadland, Chair                                                                                                    

    Commissioner Jim Kenny

    Commissioner Brian McMahan

    EXCUSED: Commissioner David Chan



    Fire Chief Ed Widdis

    Executive Assistant Marsha Moore


    Assistant Chief Brad Reading

    Assistant Chief Gary Aleshire

    Deputy Chief Scott Pearson

    Finance Director Bill Cushman

    Finance Supervisor Bonnie Misner

    Human Resource Specialist Cheryl Nelson

    Public Information Officer Leslie Hynes

    Attorney Rich Davis

    Firefighter Scott Hamilton

    Firefighter Larry Winterer

    Firefighter Tanner Friebel

    Firefighter Travis Winston




    Commissioner Larry Hadland, Chair of the Board of Commissioners, called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm.



    Commissioner Hadland asked to add item ‘c’ to Old Business to discuss the Moore property agreement.  Commissioner Hadland pointed out Construction Fund voucher # 0010510 was removed from the consent agenda and moved to item d in Old Business.  Commissioner Hadland asked to remove property from the Executive Session and to add personnel.  Commissioner Kenny asked to pull Construction Fund voucher #10505 and General Fund voucher #10555.  Commissioner Kenny asked to discuss those two vouchers separately as Consent Agenda item ‘h’. 



    Commissioner Brian McMahan: Move to approve the October 16, 2007 Meeting Agenda as amended.


    Commissioner Jim Kenny: Motion passed unanimously.





    Commissioner Jim Kenny: Move to approve the minutes of the October 2, 2007 Regular Board Meeting as amended.


    Commissioner Brian McMahan: Motion passed unanimously.  





    Commissioner Jim Kenny: Move to approve the October 16, 2007 Consent Agenda items a through g as presented and vote on item h as a separate issue. 


    Commissioner Brian McMahan:           


    Presentation of October 16, 2007 General Fund Vouchers #0010500 - #0010592

    Presentation of October 16, 2007 Reserve Fund Voucher #0010500

    Presentation of October 16, 2007 Construction Fund Vouchers #0010500 - #0010509

    Presentation of October 16, 2007 HRA Fund Vouchers #0010500 - #0010501

    Presentation of September Financial Reports

    Presentation of September Payroll

    Excuse Commissioner David Chan from the October 16, 2007 Regular Board Meeting



    Commissioner Kenny mentioned he had received answers earlier in the day regarding some of his questions about vouchers.  Commissioner Kenny did not receive an answer to his question regarding the satellite dish at Station 19, General Fund voucher #10515.  Commissioner Kenny noted the bill said the Local would pay for the service and asked if the bill was for the District to pay.  Chief Ed Widdis said the District would pay for the connection and the Local would pay for the service.  Chief Widdis explained Station 19 did not have cable going to the building and it would cost the District thousands of dollars to have cable run to the station, so the District installed a satellite dish.  Commissioner Kenny thanked Chief Widdis for his explanation.  Commissioner Hadland pointed out General Fund voucher #10572 for auto body work and asked if their had been recent accidents.  Chief Widdis said the auto bodywork was for previous accidents. Chief Widdis said three vehicles received repair; the District would bill the insurance company for reimbursement for the two involved in accidents. 


    Upon call for a vote: Motion passed unanimously. 


    Consent Agenda item h

    Commissioner Kenny mentioned Construction Fund Voucher #10505 for a smokers awning and acknowledged the amount on the voucher was more then the total amount.  Chief Widdis said the total amount for the voucher was $386.27.  Commissioner Kenny noted the Board discussed a smoker’s awning in 2006 for Station 11 and rejected it.  Commissioner Kenny asked how the current smoker’s awning came to be.  Chief Widdis said on average 250 people utilized the new administrative building on a monthly basis and users often smoked out front of the building.  Chief Widdis felt the building should provide a designated smoking area in the rear of the building, not near the public. 


    Commissioner Kenny proceeded to General Fund Voucher #10555, for 250 belt buckles.  Chief Widdis said District 1, District 11, and Mountlake Terrace historically all had different belt buckles and the firefighters asked about designing one common belt buckle for District 1, the fire fighters had put some of their own money into the design of the buckles. 


    Commissioner Kenny said he would vote no on General Fund Voucher #10555 and Construction Fund Voucher #10505.  Commissioner Kenny expressed disappointment about the smoker’s awning sneaking up in the bills after the Board rejected one in 2006.  Commissioner Kenny noted smokers did not have a right to a covered area to smoke, and the District policy only required a designated area.  Commissioner Kenny felt the belt buckles were a luxury and did not feel the taxpayers should have to pay for a luxury.  Commissioner Kenny expressed a feeling the District would not want either voucher printed in the newspaper.  Commissioner Hadland suggested voting separately on the two vouchers.  Commissioner Hadland preferred a warning regarding the smoking voucher and felt this was a case of poor communication with the Board.  Commissioner Hadland felt the belt buckles were an item of pride for firefighters.  Commissioner Hadland suggested the District look into a policy declaring items such as the belt buckles as having no value. 


    Upon call for a vote on

    Construction Fund Voucher #10505: Motion failed unanimously


    Finance Supervisor Bonnie Misner mentioned this voucher was for a Home Depot card and the voucher had other receipts attached.  Commissioner Hadland asked to re-voucher the other receipts for a later meeting.  Ms. Misner said not paying the credit card bill on time would result in a finance charge.


    Upon call for a vote on

    General Fund Voucher #10555: Motion passed two to one.  Commissioners Hadland and McMahan voting aye and Kenny voting nay.






    This past weekend Chief Widdis and Bill Cushman facilitated the budget workshop for Snohomish County Fire District 14 and 18.

    Brier has an annexation pending at the Boundary Review Board.  The annexation was for the island specifically mentioned in the agreement as being okay.  Chief Widdis sent a letter to the Boundary Review Board and reiterated wording of the agreement and supported annexation of the area into Brier. 

    The meeting with City of Lynnwood takes place on Thursday

    Chief Widdis had not heard from Mukilteo regarding their fire study.  Mukilteo’s annexation plan does include the Lake Stickney gap, which was also in Everett and Lynnwood’s Urban Growth Area.  Commissioner Kenny mentioned a conversation with Mayor Marine at the Fire Authority workshop regarding when the District should talk with the fire study consultant.  Mayor Marine had suggested Chief Widdis contact Chief Springer.  Commissioner Kenny suggested the Chief put in writing the willingness to provide information to the study.  Chief Widdis suggested the Board send a letter to the Mayor and City Council.  Commissioner Hadland suggested two letters, one Board to City Council and a second Chief to Chief. 

    Chief Widdis mentioned an e-mail the District received through the website regarding the noise complaints at Station 12.  The e-mail asked if the District had made progress on a solution.

    A political candidate had requested copies of the District’s pictures of a truck entering an LDMR.  The photos were requested through a public disclosure request.

    The District may have found a solution around having to dig a ditch for a Verizon cable to the Administrative Building by going through Time Warner.

    October 29-31 the WA Fire Chief and IAFF are having a labor negotiation symposium, four Administrative and four Union representatives planned to attend.

    Chief Widdis was invited to participate in the IAFC Leadership Summit in Washington D.C.

    Assistant Chief Gary Aleshire provided the Board with an update on station construction.  Station 21 had some soil issues, but was progressing well.  A move into the temporary living quarters would occur in December and estimated completion date was November or December 2008.  Brier Station was being formulated.  156th Street Station was currently on hold.  Administration was waiting on the other station plans until the Board provided direction on a capital plan. 



    The Contract was passed and the Local looked forward to signing it.







    The Finance Committee met October 9, 2007, discussed fire station construction and funding options, and would recommend something to the Board soon.  The Committee felt it was important to talk with the cities soon on annexations.  The committee did not want to recommend any new charges suggested in the PWW report.  The Committee would not be recommending funding a GFOA audit, as the committee could not agree on funding the audit.  Chief Widdis would be providing additional information regarding a generator for the Administrative Building.  The committee discussed the travel policy and meal policy.  The Committee recommended joining the Municipal Research Service Center small works roster. 





    Human Resources




    A meeting with Fire District 4 was scheduled for November 13.





    Strategic Planning

    Commissioner Hadland asked if the Board still planned on a retreat to discuss the strategic plan.  Commissioner Kenny said he had December 1 and 2 on his calendar.



    Bennett Development Annexation Resolution No. 10162007-13


    Commissioner Brian McMahan: Move to adopt Resolution No. 10162007-13 to finalize the Bennett Development Annexation.


    Commissioner Jim Kenny



    Commissioner Kenny asked Attorney Rich Davis if he had looked at this resolution and if the issues that arose at the June 27, 2007 Public Hearing had been resolved.  Mr. Davis said the District and Bennett Development signed a contract and the $10,000 agreed to becomes the District’s upon execution of this resolution.  Commissioner McMahan asked the record to state Bennett Development and the District pre-negotiated the payment of the bond.


    Upon call for a vote: Motion passed unanimously. 


    Collective Bargaining Agreement


    Commissioner Brian McMahan: Move to accept the Collective Bargaining Agreement successfully negotiated between the District and Local 1997.


    Commissioner Jim Kenny




    Commissioner McMahan expressed a hope the next contract did not take as long and Commissioner Kenny was glad it was completed.


    Upon call for a vote: Motion passed unanimously.


    Commissioner Hadland called for a break at 7:36 p.m. 


    Commissioner Hadland reconvened the meeting at 7:44 p.m.


    Settlement Agreement for the Walker/Moore Property


    Commissioner Jim Kenny: Moved to accept the Settlement Agreement for the Walker/Moore property as presented.


    Commissioner Larry Hadland



    Attorney Rich Davis explained on the eve of the court date the District received a renewed offer of $1,070,000.  Mr. Davis felt the amount in the agreement represented a compromise of the previously appraised amounts.  Mr. Davis stated the agreement avoids the risk of having to pay attorney fees and the District would have the title to the property.  Commissioner Hadland asked how much interest there would be if it had been $1,000,000.  Mr. Davis said at 12% for 6 months it would be approximately $30,000, and could have been more if the District had to pay attorney fees. 


    Upon call for a vote: Motion passed two to one, Commissioners Hadland and Kenny voting aye and McMahan voting nay.


    Construction Fund Voucher #0010510 for $570,000


    Commissioner Jim Kenny: Moved to approve Construction Fund Voucher #0010510 for $570,000 to the Snohomish County Superior Court.


    Commissioner Larry Hadland



    Commissioner Hadland assumed the District would owe no more money for this property after this.  Attorney Rich Davis agreed with the assumption.


    Upon call for a vote: Motion passed two to one, Commissioners Hadland and Kenny voting aye, and McMahan voting nay.



    Municipal Research Service Center Small Works Roster


    Commissioner Brian McMahan: Moved to enter into an agreement with MRSC for the small works roster.


    Commissioner Jim Kenny



    Chief Widdis said Lynnwood did have a small works roster the District used, however Lynnwood would no longer be offering it and MRSC was taking it over.  Chief Widdis mentioned MRSC would charge a small fee. 


    Upon call for a vote: Motion passed unanimously.


    Glacier View Annexation Petition


    Commissioner Larry Hadland: Moved to accept the Glacier View Annexation Petition.


    Commissioner Jim Kenny



    Commissioner McMahan asked if accepting the petition meant the Board confirmed receipt.  Attorney Rich Davis said yes, the Board would accept the petition and direct staff to schedule and post notices for a public hearing.  Commissioner Hadland noted staff would then research the area more.  Attorney Rich Davis said the Board would have a chance to vote on a resolution at the public hearing and public would be able to comment.  Chief Widdis mentioned the organizer had come to speak with himself and Commissioner Hadland and indebtedness was explained and it was understood the area covered all of no mans land.  Commissioner Kenny asked if access would be at Lowell Road.  Chief Widdis said staff would look more at it and verify it included all of no man’s land.  Chief Widdis asked Attorney Rich Davis if a hearing was required in a minimum of 15 days.  Attorney Rich Davis said there was no time limit. 


    Upon call for a vote: Motion passed unanimously.




    Commissioner Hadland said Finance Director Bill Cushman wanted a couple minutes to talk about the decision to not accept a voucher earlier in the evening.  Mr. Cushman stated he had new information and asked for a brief recess. 


    Commissioner Hadland called for a break at 7:55 p.m.


    Commissioner Hadland reconvened the meeting at 8:00 p.m.


    Mr. Cushman withdrew his concerns about the voucher pulled earlier in the meeting. 


    Commissioner Kenny thanked Chief Widdis and the staff for answering all his questions regarding vouchers this week, the information was appreciated. 


    Commissioner Hadland complimented all the District staff on a great Open House and great attendance.  Commissioner Hadland said he was proud of the facility.  Commissioner Kenny agreed and felt the Cub Scouts was a great addition. 


    Commissioner Hadland adjourned the meeting at 8:03 pm for Executive Session.


    Commissioner Hadland convened Executive Session at 8:05pm for discussing personnel issues.


    Commissioner Hadland reconvened the meeting at 8:23pm. No action was taken and no direction given. 


    Commissioner Hadland adjourned the meeting at 8:24 p.m.